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Electric cars only come into our lives, so the infrastructure is created only in large metropolitan areas. If you live in small city, the necessary condition is a 220V home socket so that the electric car is charged at night while you sleep. Electric cars are designed for a single-storey country or for use in a megapolis – it is not designed for harsh winter conditions or trips to intercity cities.

Who is an electric car suitable for?

Citizens of big cities and you’re ready to wait at the electric station for 30 minutes
You park a car with a 220V outlet
You live in a private house
You want Teslasterone for speed

Who isn’t an electric car suitable for?

You live in a small town and you don’t have a 200V socket for night-time charging
You live far from work: over 50 km
You want to operate an electric car out of town

Our services

Vehicle selection

We speak Chinese and we pick up the goods absolutely free.

Buying goods in China

Since we have natives from China in our team, the prices and quality of goods are at a high level.

Freight traffic

Our large partner in China has many years of shipping to all over the World.

Customs clearance in EU

Customs clearance through local or partners in your country.

Customs clearance in USA

Customs clearance through local or partners in your country.

Local Delivery

Our partners will deliver your car directly to your door.

How do I get to the present?

01. Leave an application

You can choose an electric car from the catalogue or leave a request for a model that we do not have.

04. Pay duties

Depending on the country of import you will have to pay all customs fees approx. 30-50%.

05. Take an order

We will deliver your electric car to your city. You check the car for contractual modification.

02. Sign a contract

For individuals, we conclude a contract on the basis of the services of a car deliverer – to buy and bring a car from China.

03. Transfer bail

You pay to the factory in China or to our firm in Chinese Yuan the full purchase price of the car.

06. Enjoy

If you have problems with spare parts or supply of various components, we are always happy to help.

Advantages of electric cars

over cars with gasoline, diesel, gas and hydrogen engines.

Acceleration and speed

Acceleration time of the presented models is from 3.9 to 8.6 seconds to 100 km/h.

Cost of travel

Free chargers in cities. 500 km of travel on one charge costs 2 USD with one night charge.


No exhaust emissions from the car, which means a clean city and your health.


Cars are future-proof and contain the latest developments in efficiency and safety.

Check out our research:

The cost of owning an electric car against a gasoline car for 5 years

and you can afford an expensive car with future savings in mind.

Brands 2019

We have only introduced a proven lineup that is ready for sale and suitable for use in EU and USA.


A startup from Silicon Valley. The factory bought the BMW designers.


Chinese copies of Tesla from Alibaba and Xiaomi.


Folk models at affordable prices from $15,000 for use on bad roads.


The largest and most serious manufacturer in China. Partners: Mitsubishi, Toyota, Jeep, Honda.


A little known factory with interesting models.

Brands 2020

New generations of electric cars that are expected to be sold from 2020.


The cost of electric cars manufactured in China will be 15% cheaper than in the USA.


1.2 billion dollars was invested in the plant.

Why are electric cars already present?

For those who think that electric cars are for fantasy enthusiasts, we give facts on four aspects.


Europe, China, the U.S. impose bans on sales of gasoline and hybrid cars during 2025-2050.

Problems are being solved

Prototypes of electrolytes on graphene, water, glass, nano-tubes allow to charge the battery 100% in minutes.


Traders and global banks at Wall Street finance and support Tesla shares, which are constantly growing.

Human Development

The era of non-renewable sources is coming to an end. The number of alternative energy power plants is growing.


Electric Cars


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